Summary of the week – Actions at vaccination centres and the new HTL in New Ross

In my photojournalism work, the end of the previous week was very busy. I have broadcast live two information campaigns at vaccination centres in Carrick on Shannon and Limerick and a new HTL in New Ross. I met wonderful new people and watched the different behaviors of GARDA officers and security guards. I witnessed the heroic behavior of activists fighting for the health and lives of children and I am proud to be able to support them.

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Carrick on Shannon Vaccination  Centre prepared a “surprise” for us. The building was fenced off with railings and at the front there was a board informing about the prohibition of photographing and filming. Of course, without a legal basis because there is no such. Many GARDA officers and security guards were waiting for the activists. During the confrontation with the activists, one of the policemen was aggressive. I leave the opinion on this to you, dear readers. Watch the three videos below and draw your own conclusions.

The next day in Limerick a similar action took place. Here, workers did not have to put up barriers. The vaccination center is located in a school that is surrounded by a wall. The security staff closed the gates to the activists and made sure that no unauthorized persons entered the school grounds. Two GARDA officers arrived at the scene. This time they were women who behaved very nice. Complete opposite behavior compared to the officer from Carrick on Shannon. You can judge it for yourself by watching my next two videos below.

I must add that the members of ANTIFA appeared in Carrick on Shannon and Limerick. As always, they tried to provoke activists but they failed.

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, at 2 p.m., Hold The Line started in another Irish town. A group of activists showed up on the bridge along the R723 road and they did a great job. Evaluate for yourself by watching the two videos below. See also the photo gallery.

I also recommend the article “What number of dead children will ‘wake up’ the people?“.

I would like to add that Facebook stopped publishing our fanpage Action-Covid-1984. The truth hurt them so much, and they decided to silence us. I have to worry them. We are currently working on broadcasting through the studio and we will reach many places on the web. We don’t need censored Facebook!

Finally, I have to ask for your support. I am very happy to devote my time and skills so that you can watch my video reports. Unfortunately, fuel costs more and more and I need your help to be effective in my work. Those who want to support me are invited to the Donate tab, where you will find information on how to support me.

Thank you for everything and see you on the streets.

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