Silent March in Galway

Photo from Silent Protest in Galway

It was a very interesting experience for me. The participants of the happening, dressed in white overalls and white masks on their faces, marched in silence through the crowded city center. They held sarcastic slogans in their hands – BE OBEDIBLE, WATCH TV, COOPERATE … Yes. They attracted attention.


People reacted differently. Some ridiculed the protest, others filmed and took pictures with curiosity, and still others supported the happening. What worried me? How many young people did not understand the message. Even so, I think a lot of people will start wondering about the current situation after what they have seen and may they wake up.


I want to thank the organizers and participants of this event for their great work. I hope that such protests will continue in our and other cities of Ireland, and I will be able to report on them. See you next time.

Truth about Tuam Babies

David O’Reilly

David O’Reilly asked me to record this interview. I agreed immediately. Two historians, Eugene Jordan and Brian Nugent, shed a whole new light on the tragic history surrounding Tuam Children’s Home in Co. Galway in Ireland.

The video that you are going to watch I have prepared for Hello Irlandia, an information site with which I work closely.
I invite you to watch and comment.

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Polish patriot, free man, amateur photographer, social activist. Coordinator of the now closed Galway Reporter Tv project. Plenipotentiary of the Paradis Judaeorum Foundation for the social campaign “Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki”. Currently, as a freelance journalist, he works closely with the Action Covid 1984 group and the news portal Hello Irlandia.

Photo taken during one of the protests against restrictions in Dublin