Hold The Line To #ProtectChildHood – Leinster House, Dublin

On January 26, 2023, a protest against gender ideology and pornography in schools took place in front of Leinster House in Dublin. About 200 people came to the protest, concerned about what is being attempted in Irish schools.

The protest started at 12 noon. The first part was the speakers’ speeches in front of Leinster House. You can listen to the content of the speeches by watching my video reports below.

I must add that at the same time, several meters from us, another protest was taking place, which was reported by RTE television. As always, this television ignored such an important topic as gender ideology and pornography in schools and RTE employees pretended that we were not there.

Antifa activists also appeared on the spot, trying as always to disrupt the protest and provoke its participants. I draw your attention to the video below, in which Andy Heasman has a conversation with GARDA officers who, unfortunately, do not remember their oath and only follow the orders of their superiors. Often, by following these orders, they themselves are breaking the law and ignoring the Irish constitution.

The second part of the protest was a march through the streets of Dublin to Pearse St Garda station where the organizers of the protest opened a case due to the public libraries breaking Childrens First Act 2015. Details are available in my video reports below.

I also recommend listening to the interviews conducted by Andy Heasman and please share this post, our photos, videos, etc. Social media censors us a lot and we need as much of your support as we can get.

Finally, I want to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such an important event and thank Andy Heasman for his help and interviews. I also want to thank all participants for their fight and presence at this protest.
Thank you with all my heart and see you next time.

See also the photo gallery.

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Campaing to close Vaccination Centers in Ireland. Bringing Pfizer Fraud Evidence to Vaccine Center in Carrick on Shannon

Andy Heasman, Dara O’Flaherty and the Team continue their fight to close the Covid 19 Vaccine Centers in Ireland. After the Garda Síochán was notified of the Pfizer fraud and opened an investigation into the case, activists provided documentation of the fraud to an employee of the Vaccination Center in Carrick on Shannon. The documents were handed over by an officer of the Garda.

Action at the Vaccination Center in Carrick on Shannon began on Thursday, October 27, 2022, around 12.30 p.m. Activists posted banners and informed people arriving for the vaccination about the investigation into the Pfizer fraud and the risk of getting the vaccine.

People reacted differently. Some listened to the arguments and gave up vaccination, others did not listen. Only the ones who blindly believe the mainstream propaganda went to vaccinate themselves and their children. My attention was noticed by one of the security guards who did his best to prevent activists from telling people the truth. The bodyguard was very nervous, at times aggressive and very arrogant.

After 2 p.m., Andy and Dara traveled to a Garda station in Carrick on Shannon with several people, where they handed over new evidence off the Pfizer fraud. They also informed the officer about the law that allowed them to pass information on to other people. After leaving the Garda station, activists took advantage of this right and went to the house of Paul Reads, where they left an envelope with information about the Pfizer fraud.

The most important part of the action began when Andy and Dara returned from the police station to the Vaccination Center. Taking advantage of their rights, activists approached the entrance to the building to hand over the documents. Security guards blocked the front door and called the Garda. After a few minutes, two officers arrived. There was an exchange of views between the activists and the officers, as a result of which the policemen lacked arguments. Another Garda officer suggested that the documents be handed over to an employee of the center. Activists agreed to this. The handover took place at the back door of the Vaccination Center. From then on, Covid 19 Vaccination Center employees are fully aware and responsible for their actions. Will they continue their work? We’ll see.

All the situations I described, as well as others, were broadcast live. The live broadcast was carried out in cooperation with: http://www.rpphotojournalist.org, https://helloirlandia.ie/, http://www.actioncovid1984.org, http://www.andyheasman.org

Below are videos of the whole action. Watch, comment and share. Let’s not allow censorship! And if you can, physically join this action or other events in your area. For information on events across Ireland, please visit: http://sovereignpeople.ie/events.html
Do not be indifferent! Stand on the side of truth and freedom! Fight for your future and the future of the next generations! Protect your kids!

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Summary of the week – Campaign to close vaccination centres in Ireland. New HTL in Roscommon and Manorhamilton

It was another busy week in my photojournalistic work. On Thursday 15/09/2022 and Friday 16/09/2022 I was broadcasting the fight of activists to close the vaccination centres and on Saturday and Sunday I was broadcasting two new HTLs.

The third week of the campaign is underway to close vaccination centres in Ireland. As before, Andy Heasman and the activists traveled to Carrick on Shannon on Thursday and Limerick on Friday. This time they brought new information boards and banners with them. GARDA officers also came to the scene. I recommend your attention to the behavior of GARDA officers after activists ask them if they are working under oath and when they report official vaccine death records. You can clearly see how GARDA officers avoid talking about these topics and run away from activists. It is clearly visible that they do not perform their duties but obey the unconstitutional orders of their superiors.

On Saturday 17/09/2022 the first HTL was held in Roscommon and the next day on Sunday 18/09/2022 at Manorhamilton. Thus, the HTL campaign took place in two other cities. Please see my video reports below.

I also recommend you two videos that I prepared for http://www.sovereignpeople.ie The message they contain is very important.

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Thank you for everything and see you on the streets.

Summary of the week – Actions at vaccination centres and the new HTL in New Ross

In my photojournalism work, the end of the previous week was very busy. I have broadcast live two information campaigns at vaccination centres in Carrick on Shannon and Limerick and a new HTL in New Ross. I met wonderful new people and watched the different behaviors of GARDA officers and security guards. I witnessed the heroic behavior of activists fighting for the health and lives of children and I am proud to be able to support them.

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Carrick on Shannon Vaccination  Centre prepared a “surprise” for us. The building was fenced off with railings and at the front there was a board informing about the prohibition of photographing and filming. Of course, without a legal basis because there is no such. Many GARDA officers and security guards were waiting for the activists. During the confrontation with the activists, one of the policemen was aggressive. I leave the opinion on this to you, dear readers. Watch the three videos below and draw your own conclusions.

The next day in Limerick a similar action took place. Here, workers did not have to put up barriers. The vaccination center is located in a school that is surrounded by a wall. The security staff closed the gates to the activists and made sure that no unauthorized persons entered the school grounds. Two GARDA officers arrived at the scene. This time they were women who behaved very nice. Complete opposite behavior compared to the officer from Carrick on Shannon. You can judge it for yourself by watching my next two videos below.

I must add that the members of ANTIFA appeared in Carrick on Shannon and Limerick. As always, they tried to provoke activists but they failed.

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, at 2 p.m., Hold The Line started in another Irish town. A group of activists showed up on the bridge along the R723 road and they did a great job. Evaluate for yourself by watching the two videos below. See also the photo gallery.

I also recommend the article “What number of dead children will ‘wake up’ the people?“.

I would like to add that Facebook stopped publishing our fanpage Action-Covid-1984. The truth hurt them so much, and they decided to silence us. I have to worry them. We are currently working on broadcasting through the studio and we will reach many places on the web. We don’t need censored Facebook!

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Thank you for everything and see you on the streets.

Support for the political prisoner Andy Heasman

Today, 5th of December, a group of people have gathered together at the Castlerea Prison in Co. Roscommon to support political prisoner Andy Heasman, who is in prison for four weeks now.

It has been found that people believe in media narrative that Andy is in prison because he was not wearing a mask in the bus, but the truth of the matter is that Andy is in prison because of abuse of public order act, which was used to justify Covid 19 guidelines becoming legislation.
There is a lot more people in a very similar situation and Andy is made out to be an example to put fear into everybody to comply. Everyday there is a lot more people, who realise that this is not about our health, but about the control and as a result people get very angry.
It has been said that people have to realise that they have power and they need to act before it is too late. We the people have to share Andy’s story and share the truth because anybody can be next.
All people who were travelling from around the country have said a few prayers for Andy.

Text: Ewelina

Video on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/actioncovid1984/videos/2084796835017251


A fundraiser for the political prisoner Andy Heasman

A few days ago, a fundraiser for Andy Heasman, sentenced to two months in prison, started. You can donate money via the GiveSendGo website here.

Andy’s friends hear that he has been kicked by a prison guard, which has caused his back problems to return. The money raised will be used to treat Andy after serving his sentence. 

Cyclical protests take place in front of the Castlerea Prison gate. family and friends are demanding his release. Protests take place every Tuesday and Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in front of the Castlerea Prison gate. Everyone is welcome.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty” – Thomas Jefferson

Anti Establishment Demonstration – Video and photo reports

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, the Anti Establishment Demonstration took place in Dublin. The place of protest was Grafton Street on the Stephens Green side. During the assembly, several speakers spoke to the protesters. The artistic part was prepared by Jam for Freedom. (I wrote about Jam for Freedom earlier in my blog. Jam for Freedom – Galway, 31/08/2021, Garda does not allow Jam for Freedom to continue at St Stephen’s Park, Dublin).  Irish singer Sandra McShane also sang.

The entire event was broadcast live by photojournalists Action-Covid-1984 and Hello Irlandia . Live streaming copies are available below. I leave you, dear readers, to evaluate the protest. From myself I will only add that the amount of Garda showed that we are not welcome on the streets of Dublin. We! People fighting for the future of both our children and theirs.

Photos by Sebastian Zablotny


On November 10, 2021 at 4 p.m., the first protest took place at the gate of Castlerea Prison. The protest was intended to support the Irish patriot Andy Heasman, who was sentenced to two months in prison in a highly controversial case. Protesters announced cyclical protests at the gate of Castlerea Prison.

The whole thing is very controversial and political in nature. Someone was very keen on eliminating Andy from the public life. Here is what one of Andy’s friends says about this case – “Andy Heasman in jail for saying” Im getting of your fooking bus “? For insulting a bus? Gardai use a public order charge as a blanket term to convict people where they have no real lawful means to do so. The real reason was because he is medically exempt from wearing a mask and they wanted to punish him for this. This cannot be done lawfully. “

Andy’s friends announce cyclical protests at the gate of Castlerea Prison. Other aid and support measures are also planned. The Polish community also became involved in helping Andy.

Andy, God bless you.
We’re with you!

Protest in front of the Australian Embassy and the controversial arrest of the Irish Patriot

September 29, 2021. Australian Embassy in Dublin. A dozen or so people gather in front of the building to protest against the fascist actions of the Australian government against the public. They put up a banner, set up a sound system, and then …  Garda officers arrest Dara O’Flaherty. What for? In my opinion, it was an unlawful arrest. See for yourself.

Live video copy of the protest outside the Australian Embassy in Dublin.

After the protest, we went to The Criminal Courts of Justice to support Dara. It was released around 5 pm.

It was another day that shows where we are going. Communism, dictatorship, lawlessness, modern slavery …  Wake up people, unite and fight for the future of your children.

Garda does not allow Jam for Freedom to continue at St Stephen’s Park, Dublin

On September 24, in my blog, I informed about Jam for Freedom’s return to Dublin. The first performance was scheduled for Sunday, September 26 at St Stephen’s Park. The event was broadcast by my friend from Action Covid 1984.

After about 15 minutes of the performance, three Garda officers came and did not allow the performance to continue. Has the law been broken? Or maybe someone didn’t like the idea of a concert promoting freedom? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.