Protest in Portlaoise – 27 November 2021

Before the big protest in Dublin started, little Portlaoise showed what they can do. Banners with a very important message at the roundabout in the city center, free people fighting in a peaceful way for the future of the next generations, many cheering horns from passing cars.

Portlaoise protests are held cyclically every Saturday. We wrote about it on my blog here: The Voice of Liberty from Portlaoise

I invite everyone to watch and share my videos of this protest. I also encourage free people to organize similar events in their cities. You don’t have to be many to wake many sleepers. 

A fundraiser for the political prisoner Andy Heasman

A few days ago, a fundraiser for Andy Heasman, sentenced to two months in prison, started. You can donate money via the GiveSendGo website here.

Andy’s friends hear that he has been kicked by a prison guard, which has caused his back problems to return. The money raised will be used to treat Andy after serving his sentence. 

Cyclical protests take place in front of the Castlerea Prison gate. family and friends are demanding his release. Protests take place every Tuesday and Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in front of the Castlerea Prison gate. Everyone is welcome.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty” – Thomas Jefferson

Anti Establishment Demonstration – Video and photo reports

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, the Anti Establishment Demonstration took place in Dublin. The place of protest was Grafton Street on the Stephens Green side. During the assembly, several speakers spoke to the protesters. The artistic part was prepared by Jam for Freedom. (I wrote about Jam for Freedom earlier in my blog. Jam for Freedom – Galway, 31/08/2021, Garda does not allow Jam for Freedom to continue at St Stephen’s Park, Dublin).  Irish singer Sandra McShane also sang.

The entire event was broadcast live by photojournalists Action-Covid-1984 and Hello Irlandia . Live streaming copies are available below. I leave you, dear readers, to evaluate the protest. From myself I will only add that the amount of Garda showed that we are not welcome on the streets of Dublin. We! People fighting for the future of both our children and theirs.

Photos by Sebastian Zablotny


On November 10, 2021 at 4 p.m., the first protest took place at the gate of Castlerea Prison. The protest was intended to support the Irish patriot Andy Heasman, who was sentenced to two months in prison in a highly controversial case. Protesters announced cyclical protests at the gate of Castlerea Prison.

The whole thing is very controversial and political in nature. Someone was very keen on eliminating Andy from the public life. Here is what one of Andy’s friends says about this case – “Andy Heasman in jail for saying” Im getting of your fooking bus “? For insulting a bus? Gardai use a public order charge as a blanket term to convict people where they have no real lawful means to do so. The real reason was because he is medically exempt from wearing a mask and they wanted to punish him for this. This cannot be done lawfully. “

Andy’s friends announce cyclical protests at the gate of Castlerea Prison. Other aid and support measures are also planned. The Polish community also became involved in helping Andy.

Andy, God bless you.
We’re with you!


Ranging Grannies is a new protest in Galway initiated by a free woman, Carina Harkin. Protesters with the help of pots, pans, spoons, etc., make noise in places where the owners introduce discrimination and vaccine passports. In this way, they express their opposition and bring the problem of discrimination to the attention of the public.

I recently had the pleasure of broadcasting two such protests live. The first was at Saint Nicholas’ Collegiate Church and the second was at the Crane Bar. I must add that Carina showed remarkable courage during the first protest, where attendance was very low. You can see everything in the videos and photos below. Feel free to watch, comment and share.