Campaing to close Vaccination Centers in Ireland. Bringing Pfizer Fraud Evidence to Vaccine Center in Carrick on Shannon

Andy Heasman, Dara O’Flaherty and the Team continue their fight to close the Covid 19 Vaccine Centers in Ireland. After the Garda Síochán was notified of the Pfizer fraud and opened an investigation into the case, activists provided documentation of the fraud to an employee of the Vaccination Center in Carrick on Shannon. The documents were handed over by an officer of the Garda.

Action at the Vaccination Center in Carrick on Shannon began on Thursday, October 27, 2022, around 12.30 p.m. Activists posted banners and informed people arriving for the vaccination about the investigation into the Pfizer fraud and the risk of getting the vaccine.

People reacted differently. Some listened to the arguments and gave up vaccination, others did not listen. Only the ones who blindly believe the mainstream propaganda went to vaccinate themselves and their children. My attention was noticed by one of the security guards who did his best to prevent activists from telling people the truth. The bodyguard was very nervous, at times aggressive and very arrogant.

After 2 p.m., Andy and Dara traveled to a Garda station in Carrick on Shannon with several people, where they handed over new evidence off the Pfizer fraud. They also informed the officer about the law that allowed them to pass information on to other people. After leaving the Garda station, activists took advantage of this right and went to the house of Paul Reads, where they left an envelope with information about the Pfizer fraud.

The most important part of the action began when Andy and Dara returned from the police station to the Vaccination Center. Taking advantage of their rights, activists approached the entrance to the building to hand over the documents. Security guards blocked the front door and called the Garda. After a few minutes, two officers arrived. There was an exchange of views between the activists and the officers, as a result of which the policemen lacked arguments. Another Garda officer suggested that the documents be handed over to an employee of the center. Activists agreed to this. The handover took place at the back door of the Vaccination Center. From then on, Covid 19 Vaccination Center employees are fully aware and responsible for their actions. Will they continue their work? We’ll see.

All the situations I described, as well as others, were broadcast live. The live broadcast was carried out in cooperation with:,,,

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Pfizer under investigation for fraud on Irish people

On October 20, 2022, Dara O’Flaherty and Andy Heasman, along with a group of activists, hand over evidence of Pfizer fraud at the Garda Station in Carrick on Shannon. A Garda officer takes evidence. Thus, an investigation into this case begins.

After leaving the Garda station, the activists go to the Vaccination Center in Carrick on Shannon, where they encounter the total ignorance of the center employees, security guards and Garda officers who came. You can watch everything on the video below.

While recording all of this, I couldn’t understand why the Vaccination Center staff wouldn’t even want to look at the evidence of fraud. These people fled from us, did not look us in the eye, did not answer our questions, closed the door for us. Is this how healthcare professionals behave? The security guards behaved in the same way. The GARDA officers behaved in the same way.

Finally, let me thank Dara O’Flaherty, Andy Heasman and all the activists who were there that day. It was an honor for me to be able to support you in this fight.
Thank you and see you soon …

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