Garda does not allow Jam for Freedom to continue at St Stephen’s Park, Dublin

On September 24, in my blog, I informed about Jam for Freedom’s return to Dublin. The first performance was scheduled for Sunday, September 26 at St Stephen’s Park. The event was broadcast by my friend from Action Covid 1984.

After about 15 minutes of the performance, three Garda officers came and did not allow the performance to continue. Has the law been broken? Or maybe someone didn’t like the idea of a concert promoting freedom? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

An unexpected twist at the World Wide Freedom Rally in Dublin

September 18, 2021. Dublin. I walk with the cameras turned on to the Custome House and see a Garda carrying out suspicious interventions against two Free People. I go over to them and record the whole situation. Video below. This is how I started broadcasting the protest, which surprised everyone.

From the moment we started walking, the atmosphere was strange. There was a lack of power in the protesters, and there were people who strongly criticized the actions of Yellow Vest Ireland who organized the protest. In such a strange atmosphere, we reached O’Connell Bridge, where the speeches were to be held.

And at that moment there were cheers to leave this police-controlled protest and go to Freemason’s Hall ( You can watch the protest in front of Freemason’s Hall in the video below: WWFR in Dublin – Part 2 ) . A group of people broke away from the main protest, leaving the Garda officers surprised. From that moment on, I participated in a really free and uncontrolled protest by Garda.

We went where we wanted. We marched through crowded streets with dozens of restaurants and pubs. Hundreds of people saw us and many supported us. Information leaflets were distributed very quickly.

At the end of the protest at the GPO, Andy and Dara, True Free People and Patriots, spoke. They did a wonderful job and I had the honor of broadcasting this wonderful march. Thank you and see you soon.

See also a video made by my friend from Action Covid 1984:

Freedom Rally in Ennis accompanied by Antifa

Another weekend and another live broadcast. This time I was honored to take part in the Freedom Rally in Ennis, a small town in County Clare. It was the first peaceful protest of this type in the city. The protest was against restrictions, sanitary segregation, discrimination, compulsion to vaccinate, etc.

Ever since I started broadcasting the event, I have noticed a few people that stand out from the rest. They had in their hands strange slogans and flags with the colors of the rainbow. After a few minutes more of them came. A few adults and a group of very young people. It was as if these kids had been used by the adults of Antifa for their own purposes. None of the adults spoke. They did not answer questions and did not respond to arguments. They only reminded the kids to wear masks all the time. I will not describe it more. You have to see it.

The first part of the protest was the free speech platform where anyone who wanted could speak. Even three kids decides to speak. What a sight it was. The level of knowledge is tragic. They themselves did not know why they had come there. Of course, some very good speakers also spoke.

The second part of the protest was a march through downtown Ennis. The march and the free speech platform were assisted by several Garda officers. The protest was peaceful as always.

Finally, I want to thank the organizers for the great job they have done. I also hope that we gave the fighting spirit to the people of Ennis and that they will take the initiative from now on.

New Earth Conscious Gathering

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Freedom Rally in Ennis

This Saturday at 2 p.m. in the center of Ennis, Co. Clare, it’s going to be the Freedom Rally. I invite all interested people to participate in this event. Stand up for children, for human rights, against medical tyranny, etc. Don’t be indifferent.

I will be attending this important event and broadcast live for and Action Covid 1984. The broadcasts will be available on fanpages:, actioncovid1984 and on many Sebastian Ross sites and groups.

Come to the protest, and those who cannot, please share and watch my broadcasts.

Jam for Freedom – Galway, 31.08.2021

Jam for Freedom is spearheading the pro-freedom revolution happening globally as a response to restritions on our basic human rights to work, travel and live.

On August 31, 21 Jam for Freedom joined RiseUp Éireann in Eyre Square Galway, where participants and viewers spent several hours in the wild singing and dancing.

I broadcast this event and you can watch it on Fanpages:,
More information about Jam for Freedom can be found on their website:

Boycott Clancy’s Restaurant – Cork, August 26, 2021

For several months now, I have been participating in peaceful demonstrations, making live reports, photos and videos. Most of my broadcasts come from Galway, but sometimes I go to other cities in Ireland to show viewers the truth about peaceful protests. So when I was in the Cork area, I decided to take part in Boykott Clancy’s Restaurant.

Boykott took place on August 26, 2021, in front of the restaurant, in a very tight passage between the tables. A group of protesters, holding slogan posters, walked in front of the restaurant while Peter O’Donoghue spoke through a megaphone. Information leaflets were also distributed. One of the opponents of the boycott joined the protesters at one point, proclaiming that the “vaccine” is good. In my opinion, this man made an idiot of himself. You can see everything in the movie.

Boykott was peaceful and there were no dangerous incidents. The few masked Garda officers on site didn’t have much work to do. The protesters did a great job and I am very happy to meet and support them. Unfortunately, I must add that the customers of nearby restaurants still do not see the problem. They do not mind the division of people and sanitary segregation. We have a long fight ahead of us, but we will not give up.

Thank you Cork. Good job!