Summary of the week – Campaign to close vaccination centres in Ireland. New HTL in Roscommon and Manorhamilton

It was another busy week in my photojournalistic work. On Thursday 15/09/2022 and Friday 16/09/2022 I was broadcasting the fight of activists to close the vaccination centres and on Saturday and Sunday I was broadcasting two new HTLs.

The third week of the campaign is underway to close vaccination centres in Ireland. As before, Andy Heasman and the activists traveled to Carrick on Shannon on Thursday and Limerick on Friday. This time they brought new information boards and banners with them. GARDA officers also came to the scene. I recommend your attention to the behavior of GARDA officers after activists ask them if they are working under oath and when they report official vaccine death records. You can clearly see how GARDA officers avoid talking about these topics and run away from activists. It is clearly visible that they do not perform their duties but obey the unconstitutional orders of their superiors.

On Saturday 17/09/2022 the first HTL was held in Roscommon and the next day on Sunday 18/09/2022 at Manorhamilton. Thus, the HTL campaign took place in two other cities. Please see my video reports below.

I also recommend you two videos that I prepared for The message they contain is very important.

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Thank you for everything and see you on the streets.

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