Anti Establishment Demonstration – Announcement

RiseUp RiseUp!!

End this madness now!

Have you had enough of the Covid lies?

Are you prepared to fight for the children’s future, & freedom?

We are Sovereign.
We do NOT comply!

Anti corruption! Pro Solutions!

Gather @ Stephens Green, Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪
November 13, 2021 at 12:00
& claim what is ours!

End Tyranny!

• No Fuel Hikes!
• No more Lockdowns!
• No Covid Pass!
• No power shortages!
• Save Small businesses!
• Stop inflation!
• No child jabs!
• Stop Garda Overreach!
• End Corruption!


Civil Rights Day in Galway – 10/23/2021

This small protest in Galway supported the protests in Dublin, Cork and Waterford. Typical Irish weather, rain and wind, wasn’t a problem. The protesters listened to some interesting speeches by Carina Harkin, Dannan Gaughan, John Caulfield, Stephen Delaney and others. A young, masked girl, whose words were criticized by the protesters, also spoke. You can see it all in the videos below. Welcome.

Should the above movies stop working, I am providing links to these movies on other channels:


Wexford Rising – 10.17.2021

A large group of Free People, many flags, strong and patriotic speeches on Vinegar Hill, a wonderful walk into the city center, patriotic songs and more strong speeches. This, in short, was the amazing protest in Enniscorthy.

I will not write too much about it. You can see everything in my videos and pictures below. I just want to thank the organizers for this wonderful day. It is an honor for me to be able to participate and broadcast in such a wonderful event.

Thank you and see you next time.


The Voice of Liberty from Portlaoise

A small group of us formed back in April. Inspired by the Monday Marchers, which started in Cork and spread to different towns, we painted up signs and placards and four of us began to stand on the street in our local town of Rathdowney, Co. Laois every Friday for two hours. We continue to do this still.
Then we decided to bring more people together and make a bigger impact by calling for a demonstration in Portlaoise, the county’s main town where there was more passing traffic and more people.
There must have been a hunger for action as that first Saturday brought close to 60 people to come and stand on the street and we have continued to stand every Saturday with our signs and placards since. Last Saturday was our eighth consecutive week to demonstrate there with varying numbers each week since then.
Our aim was to bring people together locally who feel the same way we do and show a presence to those passing by that we do not agree with the agenda of this government, we want freedom of choice whether to take this “vaccine” or not for either our children or ourselves and we don’t want to be discriminated or segregated because of those choices.
October 22nd is fast approaching and the promised lifting of all restrictions does not look likely. We do not want to live in a society where you need a vaccine passport/digital green certificate to gain entry into public spaces. We believe in freedom, truth and the right to choose.

Text and photos sent by Ewelina


Free Speech Platform in Roscommon – 10/02/2021

On October 2, 2021, the Freedom Rally took place in Roscommon. Free Speech Platform stands in the city center. It was the first event of this type in this city. As always, I was broadcasting live for my media partners Hello Ireland and Action Covid 1984. I took photos and prepared a video report. Watching my broadcasts, you can judge for yourself what were the reactions of the inhabitants of Roscommon. Feel free to watch, comment and share. Let the truth win.

Since my video was removed by YouTube censors, I am providing a link to the video on BitChute:

A full copy of the live stream is available on Facebook at this link:

Protest in front of the Australian Embassy and the controversial arrest of the Irish Patriot

September 29, 2021. Australian Embassy in Dublin. A dozen or so people gather in front of the building to protest against the fascist actions of the Australian government against the public. They put up a banner, set up a sound system, and then …  Garda officers arrest Dara O’Flaherty. What for? In my opinion, it was an unlawful arrest. See for yourself.

Live video copy of the protest outside the Australian Embassy in Dublin.

After the protest, we went to The Criminal Courts of Justice to support Dara. It was released around 5 pm.

It was another day that shows where we are going. Communism, dictatorship, lawlessness, modern slavery …  Wake up people, unite and fight for the future of your children.