Little Protest in Oranmore – December 9, 2021

On December 9, 2021, there was a small protest in Oranmore, Co. Galway. Among other things, the protesters appealed to parents to protect their children from medical experiments and the wearing of masks in schools.

The protest met with a mixed opinion of the local community. Some people thanked the protesters for their attitude, and some people were against. It is clear how the government’s actions through the mainstream media divide people. False narrative and frightening the community does its job. That is why local protests that wake up people and the independent media that spread this information online are so important.

Below is a video report and a few photos from the protest. Feel free to view, comment and share my posts.

Support for the political prisoner Andy Heasman

Today, 5th of December, a group of people have gathered together at the Castlerea Prison in Co. Roscommon to support political prisoner Andy Heasman, who is in prison for four weeks now.

It has been found that people believe in media narrative that Andy is in prison because he was not wearing a mask in the bus, but the truth of the matter is that Andy is in prison because of abuse of public order act, which was used to justify Covid 19 guidelines becoming legislation.
There is a lot more people in a very similar situation and Andy is made out to be an example to put fear into everybody to comply. Everyday there is a lot more people, who realise that this is not about our health, but about the control and as a result people get very angry.
It has been said that people have to realise that they have power and they need to act before it is too late. We the people have to share Andy’s story and share the truth because anybody can be next.
All people who were travelling from around the country have said a few prayers for Andy.

Text: Ewelina

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