International HTL in Ballina

On July 08, 2023, the weekly HTL took place in Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland. This time the event was more international because local activists were supported by Polish People from Dublin, Galway and Portlaoise. HTL’s message was to unite activists in the fight against one global enemy

HTL started at 2 pm and lasted 2 hours. Activists, as always, distributed many leaflets to drivers and pedestrians on the sex education of children in schools, the danger of liquidating cash, the danger of Covid 19 vaccines, the introduction of NWO and many more.

The activists’ work was observed and photographed from the roof of a nearby Garda station. A man dressed in civilian clothes took pictures and closely watched the work of activists. Shame! There is so much violence and injustice around and Garda work is focused on watching the people who are fighting for this country and the future of generations to come.

The entire event was broadcast live and watched by a large audience.

Now I invite everyone interested to watch the video from this event and the Photo Gallery. Please also share my content.
Thank you and see you on the street.

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