On November 10, 2021 at 4 p.m., the first protest took place at the gate of Castlerea Prison. The protest was intended to support the Irish patriot Andy Heasman, who was sentenced to two months in prison in a highly controversial case. Protesters announced cyclical protests at the gate of Castlerea Prison.

The whole thing is very controversial and political in nature. Someone was very keen on eliminating Andy from the public life. Here is what one of Andy’s friends says about this case – „Andy Heasman in jail for saying” Im getting of your fooking bus „? For insulting a bus? Gardai use a public order charge as a blanket term to convict people where they have no real lawful means to do so. The real reason was because he is medically exempt from wearing a mask and they wanted to punish him for this. This cannot be done lawfully. „

Andy’s friends announce cyclical protests at the gate of Castlerea Prison. Other aid and support measures are also planned. The Polish community also became involved in helping Andy.

Andy, God bless you.
We’re with you!

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