Garda does not allow Jam for Freedom to continue at St Stephen’s Park, Dublin

On September 24, in my blog, I informed about Jam for Freedom’s return to Dublin. The first performance was scheduled for Sunday, September 26 at St Stephen’s Park. The event was broadcast by my friend from Action Covid 1984.

After about 15 minutes of the performance, three Garda officers came and did not allow the performance to continue. Has the law been broken? Or maybe someone didn’t like the idea of a concert promoting freedom? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Garda does not allow Jam for Freedom to continue at St Stephen’s Park, Dublin

  1. The problem is the gardai have too much of a grip on Dublin, they could have arrested and given a criminal record to the guy in the baseball hat question them. They believe any questioning of their authority is a public order charge. They have way too much power in Dublin they’ve brought in way too many laws on public order on which there is no defence.

    A gardai can get in your face and bully the public and if you question his authority he can give you arrest you, strip search you and give you a criminal record. Think you can get a trial not a chance the gardai dominate the courts its fully of gardai and the judge don’t want to got against the gardai on public order charges which is the gardai pet laws. It was the gardai themselves campaigned for these public order charge a city cannot call itself democratic if its the gardai themselves make the laws.

    Ultimately the reason the anti lockdown protests didn’t take off in Dublin is the gardai have too much power, the gardai can grab people off the street for anything and abuse them. Ultimately when the Irish people wake up we need a completely new police force there’s too much abuse built in to this force.

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