What number of dead children will ‘wake up’ the people?

As a mother of two young boys, I have decided to write my reflections after watching all videos regarding closing vaccination centres in Ireland.

I believe that this type of actions is very important especially while recent data about excess deaths across the world is shocking and alarming.

I am aware of this gene therapy vaccines, so I have never jabbed myself and my kids. My husband and my close family never took that risk to. Having all the information that are available to the public I do not regret to not taking it.

Here I would like to underline the safety of the vaccines. We know how damaging are the Covid 19 jabs, but also the vaccines that are given to young babies are also not safe. They injure babies and small children as well.

My son would be an example of a child who has been vaccine injured at age of 5. He has developed Chronic Tic Disorder that goes along with dysbiosis and all of this going because of mercury presence in his brain and in his body. Here I must mention that all doctors (except one that works not along with the system) never agreed that this all happened because of the vaccine. Sounds familiar? Of course, no doubt.

It took me a good few years to find the cause of my son condition, but I finally did. There are doctors who speak out about the connections of vaccines with autism, ODD, OCD, ADHD and so on, but again likewise during Covid 19 pandemy doctors and nurses who speak out are censored or cannot work anymore in their profession. Some of them even lose their life. Again similarity.

Getting help from nowhere plus bouncing back from doctors’ doors and having my deep research done I must strongly say that I have lost my trust to the doctors. They have never been interested in finding the root of the problem/illness. In my eyes they are people who work for Drugs Company and make people depend on medications to make money.

Watching videos from the events at the front of the vaccine clinics I have tried to reflect on Garda behaviour. I was always believing that they are for us as a citizen. They should protect us, as well as our families and to make us feeling safe in this country. I was a bit disappointed what I have witnessed during the peaceful protest. There is no doubt, Garda Siochana supports the vaccine clinics. They support clinics that inject children with an experimental vaccine that has done a lot of damage and made a lot of people dead.

Despite the fact, that people realize what exactly going on and appear on such a protest to demand closing these clinics, Garda Siochana still follow the rules. It is difficult to understand why they are still on the other side while there is a lot of data available plus a lot of facts at the front of them.

For me Andy Heasman is a brave man. He chose to stand up on the right side of the history. He stands up for the truth and our innocent children. Ireland should be very proud of him. I am sure that when the truth will come out, plenty of parents will say a big thank you to Andy for saving their children.

What makes me worry, is the fact that even though there are vaccine injured people with Andy to support his action, there are still people who walk into the clinic for the jab. People who have been injured by the vaccine were shouting through the gate how risky it is to take the jab. Sadly, at the other side of the gate knowledgeless people will still laugh right to the face of those injured. How sad it is…

That day at least one little boy never walked into the clinic after his parents’ heard facts about the experiment.

Witnessing ignorance from people who believed the media and still believe in news, led me to thinking that our life it is in danger.

What has happened to all vaccinated???

They do not link the facts and they normalize healthy people dropping dead like never before. They accepted strokes, sudden death, cardiac arrest, myocarditis but at the same time they will jump back from someone who sneezed or coughed.

From my own observations among my friends there was also a lot of damage done to them by mRNA vaccines, starting from loosing baby, through constant lack of energy to cancers and menstrual problems.

There has been created a page on Facebook called Died Suddenly News where every day a few thousands of devastated and scared people join into it to share their stories. Some of them are depressing and breaking my heart. In this group there are also people who have been injured and they say it loudly that they regret to take the vaccine. There are also nurses, doctors and funeral homeowners who also speak out about the excessive deaths.

In my opinion people who decided to close the vaccination centres should keep doing it to make sure no damage will be done for our beautiful children.

I believe that this action is needed, and more people should join into to support it. We should not divide ourselves more, as the government divided us enough so we should do it together, no matter of our health status.

Just say enough is enough and join to this great action. Help us to make it stronger.

E K’erut

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  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks indeed for posting this. I am very glad to hear about this action in Ireland. If you should be interested I have written a great deal about Covid 19 and you might be interested in my post on the vaccines and why they do not, cannot work to the benefit of our health, only to the benefit of big pharma etc. wealth.


    I have various sub-links within the post referring to various issues including statistics analysis. The overall approach of my site is rather unusual and I do use humour to lighten the mood and to make the points where necessary.

    Kind regards.

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