A scam of Monkey Pox on the Polish portal

Interia.pl – Polish internet portal, founded in 1999, owned by the Interia.pl Group (Cyfrowy Polsat). On June 14, 2022, an article appeared on the pages of the portal informing about the first case of monkey pox in Poland. The article comes with a photo of a human hand with pimples on the skin.

It turned out that the same photo, but without pimples on the skin, was published on the ElPais.cr website from Costa Rica as October 13, 2020.

I have provided links to these articles below.



This is propaganda and deception. Photo downloaded from the Internet, changed in a graphics program, all to spread fear among readers. This case is further evidence of how mendacious the mainstream media is. Please share this post. Let people know the truth.

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