HTL @ Leinster House

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Hold The Line was held outside the gate of Leinster House. This time, the activists not only stood with information boards but made several marches during which they handed out leaflets and explained to people what was really going on.

HTL activists from all over the country came to Dublin, at the gate of Leinster House. As always, they brought with them information boards and a lot of leaflets which they handed out to passers-by. This time, the activists did something else. Groups of people with information boards started walking in the surrounding streets. It caused great interest of passers-by. People were eager to take leaflets from activists. Many passersby spoke to HTL members. Activists explained to them the dangers looming over Ireland and the world. It was a really great day for Free People. They did a great job.

The entire protest lasted 4 hours and was broadcast live by me and my friend from Action-Covid-1984. Below I present my videos from this event. Interviews, videoclip and photos. You can find more videos on the Action-Covid-1984 fanpage. I invite you to watch.

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