WE ARE READY! May 20, 2023 

On May 20, 2023, the WE ARE READY! event took place in Dublin. The event was global and took place in 200 locations around the world.

In Dublin, the activists met before 12 noon in front of the Garden of Remembrance where I started the live broadcast. My attention was caught by a large number of new banners and information boards made in a very professional way. It was immediately obvious that the organizers made a lot of effort to prepare for this event.

After twelve o’clock, the participants set off from the Garden of Remembrance and marched through the streets of Dublin. During the march, the activists tried to make passers-by aware of, among other things, the dangers of the so-called Great Reset.

The march ended in front of the Custom House, where speeches followed. Particularly noteworthy is the very good sound system and the messages conveyed by the speakers during the speeches.

From the recorded materials, I have prepared a few videos that you can watch below. I also took many photos available in the Photo Gallery. I encourage you to share my posts. My content gets banned all the time and your help spreading the truth is much needed.
Thank you and see you on the street.

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