Information Drop, Naas – September 10, 2023

On September 10, 2023, activists from HTL and WakeUpEire carried out a great information campaign at Poplar Square in Naas. Hundreds of leaflets distributed, many conversations with passers-by and supporters using their horns is evidence. 

GARDA officers appeared on the site of the event twice, reminding the activists not to go out into the street. It seems that spreading the truth that is inconvenient for the government is not welcome in Naas. 

I broadcast the entire event live via the Action-Covid-1984 studio. I recorded several statements by campaign participants, which you can listen to by watching the videos below.

Finally, I would like to thank all activists for their great work and I ask everyone to share my content, which is constantly censored.
Thank you and see you on the streets.

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