Free Speech Monster Rally in Galway

It was a real festival of truth and freedom of speech. This is how you can briefly describe the Free Speech Monster Rally, which took place on July 9 and 10, 2022 in Galway.

It all started on Saturday, August 9 after 12 noon. The organizers used a place under a huge tree in Eyre Square as a stage. Many speakers spoke during the event. Among the speakers were: Dr. Vincent Carroll, Michael Brazil, John Caulfield, Andy Heasman, Fiona Foley, Carina Harkin and others.

ANTIFA tried to disrupt the event. A small group of young people and even children with rainbow flags and posters did their best to disrupt this wonderful festival of freedom. One of the people who looked like a woman (she herself claimed that she is not a woman) was very active in her activities. Despite the fact that she was allowed to speak, she continued to try to disrupt the speeches of other speakers. At times, her behavior, as well as that of other ANTIFA people, looked like those of people with mental health problems. Despite many provocations, the organizers did not allow themselves to be provoked and ended the event by singing Irish patriotic songs together.

After the speech part ended, the participants with information boards marched from Eyre Square to Spanish Arch where the whole event ended.

On Sunday, the event was very light. Participants put up information boards in Eyre Square, giving passers-by a chance to understand what is actually going on.

I broadcast the entire event live and prepared a lot of videos that you can watch below. Together with my son Eryk, we also took a lot of photos, which are available in the gallery here.

I also want to thank activists for organizing this wonderful festival of truth, for their fight for freedom and for their continuous information campaign. I feel honored to be part of this fight.

I also appeal for physical support for the Hold The Line movement in Ireland. All you have to do is select HTL in your area and join the event. Activists have many information boards and leaflets. Everyone is welcome. To check where the nearest HTL will be, just go to the Events tab on my blog or visit the Sovereign People website.

Please also share my posts. Social media censors my work all the time, so I really need your help. And if you feel that my job is needed and would like to support me financially, you can make a donation here. Thank you with all my heart and see you soon.

North West Rising Campaign – Sligo, Jan 15, 2022

Speeches in front of the City Hall building, a march through the center of Sligo, unsuccessful provocations of two masked people from ANTIFA. This was the Sligo protest that I had the honor of broadcasting live.

The Sligo protest was the second of four protests in the North West Rising Campaign. The campaign is organized by RiseUp Ireland.

Among the many speakers, the following spoke: dr. Anne McCloskey, Rob De Salle, Dannan Gaughan, David O’Reilly, and others. During the march, two masked people from Antifa appeared among the protesters. They tried to provoke the protesters by calling them fascists. One of them called me a Polish fascist. Of course, I ignored these people and continued doing my job. During my participation in many protests, I have already got used to being provoked by ANTIFA. During the final speech, seeing the Garda officer talking to Dara O’Flaherty, I approached them with the camera. Two masked people from ANTIFA were standing next to it, so I started recording it, suspecting another provocation. You can watch everything in the movies below.

I invite everyone to watch, comment and share my videos and photos. I am banned all the time and your help in promoting my posts is very important. Thank you and see you at the next protest.


North West Rising and more – Announcement

After nearly two years of “pandemic”, we have entered 2022. So long since the government closed the country for two weeks. We still live in Orwell’s world, a world full of absurdities, where freedom and human rights are being destroyed.
Thomas Jefferson said, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.”
Do you want to fight for your rights? Now is your chance. Below you will find information on the upcoming peaceful protests.



January 8th, Market Sq, 2pm

January 15th, Town Hall, 2pm

Jan 22nd, The Diamond, 2pm

Jan 29th, location TBC, 2pm

The northwest of Ireland is a powder keg ready to be ignited. Join the campaign, follow us on telegram and Facebook, spread the word, get involved.

Hold the line Limerick 9th January 2pm Cresent Shopping centre bring signs.

RiseUp Éireann


21 January 2022 @ 12noon, starting @ Mansion House, DUBLIN, IRELAND 🇮🇪

Freedom is claimed, we don’t ask the oppressors to free us, we are not slaves!


RiseUp Éireann

Little Protest in Oranmore – December 9, 2021

On December 9, 2021, there was a small protest in Oranmore, Co. Galway. Among other things, the protesters appealed to parents to protect their children from medical experiments and the wearing of masks in schools.

The protest met with a mixed opinion of the local community. Some people thanked the protesters for their attitude, and some people were against. It is clear how the government’s actions through the mainstream media divide people. False narrative and frightening the community does its job. That is why local protests that wake up people and the independent media that spread this information online are so important.

Below is a video report and a few photos from the protest. Feel free to view, comment and share my posts.

Free Speech Platform in Roscommon – 10/02/2021

On October 2, 2021, the Freedom Rally took place in Roscommon. Free Speech Platform stands in the city center. It was the first event of this type in this city. As always, I was broadcasting live for my media partners Hello Ireland and Action Covid 1984. I took photos and prepared a video report. Watching my broadcasts, you can judge for yourself what were the reactions of the inhabitants of Roscommon. Feel free to watch, comment and share. Let the truth win.

Since my video was removed by YouTube censors, I am providing a link to the video on BitChute:

A full copy of the live stream is available on Facebook at this link:

Freedom Rally in Ennis accompanied by Antifa

Another weekend and another live broadcast. This time I was honored to take part in the Freedom Rally in Ennis, a small town in County Clare. It was the first peaceful protest of this type in the city. The protest was against restrictions, sanitary segregation, discrimination, compulsion to vaccinate, etc.

Ever since I started broadcasting the event, I have noticed a few people that stand out from the rest. They had in their hands strange slogans and flags with the colors of the rainbow. After a few minutes more of them came. A few adults and a group of very young people. It was as if these kids had been used by the adults of Antifa for their own purposes. None of the adults spoke. They did not answer questions and did not respond to arguments. They only reminded the kids to wear masks all the time. I will not describe it more. You have to see it.

The first part of the protest was the free speech platform where anyone who wanted could speak. Even three kids decides to speak. What a sight it was. The level of knowledge is tragic. They themselves did not know why they had come there. Of course, some very good speakers also spoke.

The second part of the protest was a march through downtown Ennis. The march and the free speech platform were assisted by several Garda officers. The protest was peaceful as always.

Finally, I want to thank the organizers for the great job they have done. I also hope that we gave the fighting spirit to the people of Ennis and that they will take the initiative from now on.

Freedom Rally in Ennis

This Saturday at 2 p.m. in the center of Ennis, Co. Clare, it’s going to be the Freedom Rally. I invite all interested people to participate in this event. Stand up for children, for human rights, against medical tyranny, etc. Don’t be indifferent.

I will be attending this important event and broadcast live for and Action Covid 1984. The broadcasts will be available on fanpages:, actioncovid1984 and on many Sebastian Ross sites and groups.

Come to the protest, and those who cannot, please share and watch my broadcasts.