First Hold The Line in Limerick – January 9, 2022

Great free people, parents and children, unvaccinated and vaccinated, amazing positive energy, support from passing drivers, great message to the people of Limerick. This was the first Hold The Line in Limerick in which I had the honor to participate.

About 50 people took part in the event, despite the cold and light rain. People lined up on the R526 road near the Crescent Shopping Center, holding information banners, were sending drivers a very important message. Among other things, they warned against an experimental vaccine, appealed for the protection of children, and reported the number of side effects after vaccinations and deaths.

The gathered people met with a very positive response from the drivers. The entire event took place without major incidents. Only sometimes the underage boys showed off in front of the camera, shouting and running away. 

During this event, I recorded several statements from some people including one vaccinated male who now suffers from side effects from an experimental vaccine. Others talked about their vaccinated family members and their problems with it. You can see everything in my video below.

The end of the protest was wonderful. People holding hands sang an Irish song called “The fields of Athenry”. It was a bomb of positive energy. Love and unity.

It was an amazing experience for me. For such people, it is worth traveling around the country and recording their struggle for freedom. Thank you all for this great day and see you soon.