First Hold The Line in Enniscorthy

On June 04, 2022 the first Hold The Line took place in Enniscorthy. Activists with information boards lined the R744 road from the Seamus Rafter monument to the nearby roundabout. As always, HTL participants handed out leaflets and talked to pedestrians and drivers. As always, the activists have done a wonderful and tremendous job. You can see it for yourself by watching the video and photos below.

I’ve been recording HTL for several months. Recently, I have noticed more interest from local residents. They are more and more willing to take leaflets from activists, talk to them and listen to them. I think this is the beginning of an awakening, and it is thanks to the activists and their hard work. That is why I appeal to my viewers to join them and support them.

Please also share my posts. Social media censors my work all the time, so I really need your help. And if you feel that my job is needed and would like to support me financially, you can make a donation here. Thank you with all my heart and see you soon.

Wexford Rising – 10.17.2021

A large group of Free People, many flags, strong and patriotic speeches on Vinegar Hill, a wonderful walk into the city center, patriotic songs and more strong speeches. This, in short, was the amazing protest in Enniscorthy.

I will not write too much about it. You can see everything in my videos and pictures below. I just want to thank the organizers for this wonderful day. It is an honor for me to be able to participate and broadcast in such a wonderful event.

Thank you and see you next time.