The success of the first Hold The Line in Kildare

The First Hold The Line took place on April 30, 2022 in Kildare Village. Many freedom fighters took part in the happening. Participants with signs with simple messages on them tried to explain to others what was really going on. In addition to signs, activists had many different leaflets that they handed out to interested drivers and passers-by. Dozens of horns and shouts of support were heard by HTL participants. The wonderful, brave people were accompanied by an amazing atmosphere all the time. Nobody paid any attention to the falling rain. All that mattered was the fight for the future of the next generations. As a participant in many HTL in Ireland, I rate HTL in Kildare as a huge success. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this happening. Perfect job my friends.

I had the great pleasure of broadcasting this amazing event live. Now I invite everyone to watch the photos and videos that I took. I also appeal to everyone to support and participate in the next HTL, protests, public meetings, etc. Information about the upcoming events can be found in the Events tab. I also ask you to share my photos, videos and posts. If you think my job is needed and you want to help me financially, you can donate any amount here. Thank you with all my heart and see you soon.

Public Meeting in Limerick – 09.04.2022

A public meeting was held in Limerick on April 9, 2022. The topics of the meeting included homelessness in Ireland and property rights. The meeting was held in front of King John’s Castle. The speeches sparked a discussion between the participants of the meeting, customers of a nearby restaurant and random passers-by. A Garda car also stopped near the meeting, which left after a dozen or so minutes. You can see it all in the video report below. I also encourage you to comment and share my posts. Don’t be passive! Support independent media!

Public Meeting in Kilkenny

On March 23, 2022, a very important Public Meeting took place in Kilkenny. The event started at 7 p.m. at The Tholsel on High St. and lasted less than an hour. I invite you to watch the video from all the speeches of this event, which is below. Please also share this video. Social media limits our reach all the time, so we need your help. Don’t be passive. Support independent media.


Despite the bad weather, rain, strong wind and cold, the protest in Limerick gathered many free people.

The Limerick City Rally began walking through the city from Limerick City Gallery of Art to Arthur’s Quay Park. 

After the march, the assembled free people listened to many very important speeches. Among the speakers were: Dr. Vincent Carroll, Dr. Anne McCloskey, Stephen T Manning, and many others. My special attention was drawn to the wonderful speech of a ten-year-old girl.

The protest, of course, was peaceful and there were no incidents on the part of the participants. Unfortunately, this time also the provocateurs from Antifa appeared at the protest, who were constantly looking for an excuse for Garda’s intervention.

The protest ended with a short performance by singer Siobhán O’Brien. The atmosphere was great, and the bad weather did not stop the free people. It was another great day of fighting. Fighting for freedom and the future of the next generations.

COVERT-19 by Carina Harkin

A few days ago, together with my daughter Paulina, we had the pleasure of recording an interview with Carina Harkin. The interview was devoted mainly to the book entitled: COVERT-19, which Carina wrote. I invite all interested people to watch the interview and buy the COVERT-19 book.

Carina Harkin holds three Bachelor of Health Science degrees in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and a Masters in Public Health. Carina was awarded by her college for being the first triple degree CAM graduate in Australia. BC (before COVID), Carina chaired, moderated and presented at international CAM conferences. Carina worked in public health as an acupuncturist at the Northern Hospital, Melbourne, Australia where she conducted a world-first trial comparing acupuncture to drugs for pain relief, and in Box Hill Hospital’s Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit.

Carina’s practice, ‘Carahealth’ is located in Galway city centre. Carahealth specialise in fluoride removal Eco Water Filters and high strength organic herbal extracts. Carina specialises in treating antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) disease, beyond the biomedical approach. As a mother who has raised seven children naturally, Carina has seen and treated all childhood infectious diseases using natural medicine. Carina is a strong advocate for natural medicine and natural immunity. Carina also offers online consultations and has a global herbal dispensary.

Carina is a regular speaker at protests with RiseUp Galway to demand an immediate end to COVID emergency laws and the reinstatement of our personal freedoms. Carina is currently a Natural Medicine and Public Health contributor on Geert Vanden Bossche’s ‘Voice for Science and Solidarity’.

Carina Harkin MPH. BHSc.Nat. BHSc.Hom. BHSc.Acu. Cert IV TAE.
ORCID ID 0000-0001-6091-059X



North West Rising Campaign – Sligo, Jan 15, 2022

Speeches in front of the City Hall building, a march through the center of Sligo, unsuccessful provocations of two masked people from ANTIFA. This was the Sligo protest that I had the honor of broadcasting live.

The Sligo protest was the second of four protests in the North West Rising Campaign. The campaign is organized by RiseUp Ireland.

Among the many speakers, the following spoke: dr. Anne McCloskey, Rob De Salle, Dannan Gaughan, David O’Reilly, and others. During the march, two masked people from Antifa appeared among the protesters. They tried to provoke the protesters by calling them fascists. One of them called me a Polish fascist. Of course, I ignored these people and continued doing my job. During my participation in many protests, I have already got used to being provoked by ANTIFA. During the final speech, seeing the Garda officer talking to Dara O’Flaherty, I approached them with the camera. Two masked people from ANTIFA were standing next to it, so I started recording it, suspecting another provocation. You can watch everything in the movies below.

I invite everyone to watch, comment and share my videos and photos. I am banned all the time and your help in promoting my posts is very important. Thank you and see you at the next protest.


North West Rising and more – Announcement

After nearly two years of “pandemic”, we have entered 2022. So long since the government closed the country for two weeks. We still live in Orwell’s world, a world full of absurdities, where freedom and human rights are being destroyed.
Thomas Jefferson said, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.”
Do you want to fight for your rights? Now is your chance. Below you will find information on the upcoming peaceful protests.



January 8th, Market Sq, 2pm

January 15th, Town Hall, 2pm

Jan 22nd, The Diamond, 2pm

Jan 29th, location TBC, 2pm

The northwest of Ireland is a powder keg ready to be ignited. Join the campaign, follow us on telegram and Facebook, spread the word, get involved.

Hold the line Limerick 9th January 2pm Cresent Shopping centre bring signs.

RiseUp Éireann


21 January 2022 @ 12noon, starting @ Mansion House, DUBLIN, IRELAND 🇮🇪

Freedom is claimed, we don’t ask the oppressors to free us, we are not slaves!


RiseUp Éireann