Threats related to the WHO Treaty

Due to the fact that most people live their life day to day, having smaller and bigger dreams and some plans for the future. It is worth mentioning some important aspects that are being decided behind our backs. 

We live in times where you can find very reliable information. Either on official government websites, Or on the websites of non-governmental organizations, such as WHO or WEF. A very important aspect is also following the UN website.However, reading the sublime slogans in which it is written about the “common good”, taking care of “our” future and “our” health… something does not fit here… If we take a closer look at it, are we really talking about “our good?” ” – as common, or about “Their Good” – elites, pharmaceutical companies or governments? After carefully checking and analyzing the information, we conclude that it does not look very promising for the ordinary citizen. Therefore, let’s stop for a moment and check what is happening regarding the WHO treaty, the fight against the pandemic and preparedness for the next proverbial “pandemics”, which are supposed to be related to climate change. Here we go

Treaty WHO, the World Health Organization, together with its member states, is working to pass the New Treaty in 2024 and to implement it in 2025. What are the implications of this agreement? In fact… I’m afraid… First, increasing civilian supervision, reducing the decision-making power of doctors, in addition to top-down guidelines. Continuation of the health passport in an expanded digital form. After concluding such a treaty with WHO, decisions of all pandemic or epidemiological states will depend on the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Director General (Tedros Adhanan Gheberyesus). Don’t states, in essence, lose their sovereignty? Of course. Therefore, let’s think about whether life under supervision and top-down guidelines is what suits us. Maybe then, let’s take a look at the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. Overall, the amendments change the overall nature of the World Health Organization from an advisory body to an organization whose proclamations will be legally binding from 2025. The amendment seeks to remove the entry on “respecting the dignity of human rights and fundamental human freedoms.” They authorize WHO to require medical examinations, confirmation of preventive measures, proof of vaccination and to implement contact tracing, quarantine and treatment. They want to introduce a permanent system of global health certificates in digital or paper form, including certificates for tests, vaccinations, prevention, passenger locator forms and health declarations. It looks quite scary… doesn’t it? Especially since they allow the disclosure of personal health-related data. So let’s not forget about the most important thing. The proposed amendments to the International Regulations significantly expand the World Health Organization’s ability to censor what it considers disinformation or incorrect information.

Why is this dangerous? The question is valid. International Health Regulations come into force automatically. There is no need to vote because it is an update of the signed agreement binding the countries from 1969. So maybe we should ask our doctor, or politician if he knows anything about this and check how competent our representatives are.

Don’t be deceived and keep asking questions about our common future. “Orthodox means not thinking, no need to think. Orthodox is unawareness” G. Orwell, 1984



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