Hold The Line To #ProtectChildHood – Leinster House, Dublin

On January 26, 2023, a protest against gender ideology and pornography in schools took place in front of Leinster House in Dublin. About 200 people came to the protest, concerned about what is being attempted in Irish schools.

The protest started at 12 noon. The first part was the speakers’ speeches in front of Leinster House. You can listen to the content of the speeches by watching my video reports below.

I must add that at the same time, several meters from us, another protest was taking place, which was reported by RTE television. As always, this television ignored such an important topic as gender ideology and pornography in schools and RTE employees pretended that we were not there.

Antifa activists also appeared on the spot, trying as always to disrupt the protest and provoke its participants. I draw your attention to the video below, in which Andy Heasman has a conversation with GARDA officers who, unfortunately, do not remember their oath and only follow the orders of their superiors. Often, by following these orders, they themselves are breaking the law and ignoring the Irish constitution.

The second part of the protest was a march through the streets of Dublin to Pearse St Garda station where the organizers of the protest opened a case due to the public libraries breaking Childrens First Act 2015. Details are available in my video reports below.

I also recommend listening to the interviews conducted by Andy Heasman and please share this post, our photos, videos, etc. Social media censors us a lot and we need as much of your support as we can get.

Finally, I want to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such an important event and thank Andy Heasman for his help and interviews. I also want to thank all participants for their fight and presence at this protest.
Thank you with all my heart and see you next time.

See also the photo gallery.

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