Our live broadcasts available in many places on the web

Thanks to my cooperation with Action Covid 1984, Hello Irlandia and many website administrators, my (and not only mine) live broadcasts can be watched in many places on the web.

From today you can watch our live broadcasts on my blog at http://www.rpphotojournalist.org in the Home tab and in the Live Stream tab, where you can also participate in a group chat.

Our live broadcasts are also available at:

We The People at http://wethepeople.ie/CitizenJournalist.php
Sovereign People at: http://sovereignpeople.ie/live/
Action Covid 1984 at https://www.actioncovid1984.org/

We also use social media (as long as they don’t censor us, of course) and broadcast in the following places:


In addition, we also broadcast live at the following addresses:

We are constantly working to improve our live broadcasts and reach as many viewers as possible. If you are the administrator of a website or blog and would like to include our player there, write to me at rpvmedia@gmail.com. We must unite, fight the propaganda of the mainstream media and spread the truth.

Finally, I would like to thank all the wonderful people with whom I am honored to work with. I am also grateful to all the fighters for truth and freedom, whom I have the honor to support in the streets. You are great! Together we can do a lot! See you in the streets!

If you think that my work is needed and you want to help me financially, you can donate any amount by clicking here. Thank you with all my heart and see you soon.

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