Continuation of the campaign to close the Covid 19 Vaccination Centers in Ireland. Carrick on Shannon, November 3, 2022

Despite an investigation into the Pfizer fraud and evidence provided to an employee of the Vaccination Center in Carrick on Shannon by a Garda Sergeant, the Covid 19 Vaccination Centers in Carrick on Shannon and Ireland are still open. It is a scandalous fact that employees of the Covid 19 Vaccination Center in Carrick on Shannon, despite their knowledge of the fraud, continue to expose adults, and above all children, to the consequences of the medical experiment.

The action started around 3 p.m. Andy Heasman and Dara O’Flaherty brought in more documents that they wanted to hand over to the center staff. As always, the center’s employees locked themselves in a building protected by security guards, fearing confrontation, arguments and the truth. After many adventures, Dara O’Flaherty managed to throw an envelope with documents behind the back door of the center.

On that day, there was also an exchange of views between activists and three people who had come there to provoke. These people were very vulgar, had no meaningful arguments, and their aim was to cause confusion and provoke activists. They offended many activists and me. Among other things I was called “a f*cking Polish Nazi”. The level of their behavior was tragic. In addition, they arrived in a non-roadworthy car. The car had visible technical problems and did not have NCT and paid TAX. The technical problems of the car were revealed by Dara O’Flaherty who is a car mechanic.

All the situations I described, as well as others, were broadcast live. The live broadcast was carried out in cooperation with:,,,

You can see all this by watching the three videos below. Watch, comment and share. Let’s not allow censorship! And if you can, physically join this action or other events in your area. For information on events across Ireland, please visit:
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