Unexpected support during HTL in Ballina

Hold The Line was held for the fourth time on August 13, 2022 in Ballina, Co. Mayo. Brave activists wake the sleeping inhabitants of this charming city all the time. Their work is becoming more and more visible.

On that day, I saw many airplanes spraying chemicals in the sky. The weather was beautiful, but the sky was already covered with many unnatural structures. I also saw a monstrous tower with 5G relays, I saw the Ukrainian flag waving over the street and many posters informing about the obligation to put on masks. It all made me realize how important the work of the activists from Hold The Line is.

Before 2 p.m. we all met in the parking lot at Ballina Medical Center. As always, activists with information boards and leaflets lined up at the junction of the N26 and Bury St. HTL participants received a lot of support from the drivers and many passersby stopped and talked to them.

This HTL was exceptional in my opinion because of its unexpected support. After taking the leaflet, one of the drivers asked the activist if we needed any support. Of course it is, answered the activist. Then the driver parked the car and came to support the participants in Hold The Line. I’ve recorded a lot of HTL but haven’t seen anything like it yet. It was a very positive experience and I hope that such situations will become more frequent. You can see all of this by watching the video and photos below.

The event ended before 4pm with an additional new participant.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone very much for the wonderful work and the fight for freedom and truth. It was a great pleasure for me to be with you on the streets of Ballina. Until next time…

I also appeal for physical support for the Hold The Line movement in Ireland. All you have to do is select HTL in your area and join the event. Activists have many information boards and leaflets. Everyone is welcome. To check where the nearest HTL will be, just go to the Events tab on my blog or visit the Sovereign People website.

Please also share my posts. Social media censors my work all the time, so I really need your help. And if you feel that my job is needed and would like to support me financially, you can make a donation here. Thank you with all my heart and see you soon.


Live broadcast replay

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