First Hold The Line in Ashbourne

An information campaign called Hold The Line was launched in another Irish city. This time, activists showed up in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. It was a great event that I had the honor of broadcasting live.

It all started on July 2, 2022 around 1 p.m. at Frederick St. between the Tesco car park and the local Garda station. As always, activists used information boards, leaflets and conversations with local people to inform what was really going on. HTL participants received a lot of support from the drivers. Local residents readily accepted the leaflets and listened to what activists had to say.

The whole event lasted less than two hours, was broadcast live by me and ended with a group photo. Video and photos are available below. I invite you to watch, comment and share.

I also appeal for physical support for the Hold The Line movement in Ireland. All you have to do is select HTL in your area and join the event. Activists have many information boards and leaflets. Everyone is welcome. To check where the nearest HTL will be, just go to the Events tab on my blog or visit the Sovereign People website.

Please also share my posts. Social media censors my work all the time, so I really need your help. And if you feel that my job is needed and would like to support me financially, you can make a donation here. Thank you with all my heart and see you soon.

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