Despite the bad weather, rain, strong wind and cold, the protest in Limerick gathered many free people.

The Limerick City Rally began walking through the city from Limerick City Gallery of Art to Arthur’s Quay Park. 

After the march, the assembled free people listened to many very important speeches. Among the speakers were: Dr. Vincent Carroll, Dr. Anne McCloskey, Stephen T Manning, and many others. My special attention was drawn to the wonderful speech of a ten-year-old girl.

The protest, of course, was peaceful and there were no incidents on the part of the participants. Unfortunately, this time also the provocateurs from Antifa appeared at the protest, who were constantly looking for an excuse for Garda’s intervention.

The protest ended with a short performance by singer Siobhán O’Brien. The atmosphere was great, and the bad weather did not stop the free people. It was another great day of fighting. Fighting for freedom and the future of the next generations.

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