First Hold The Line in Nenagh – January 29, 2022

On January 29, 2022, Nenagh Co. Tipperary, about 20 activists stood with banners on the R445 road (near ALDI). It was the first Hold the Line in this city.

Activists standing by the road received a lot of support from drivers. Many drivers honked, and shouts of support were heard from many cars. Like the first line in Limerick, I was honored to broadcast this event now.

The whole event took place in a wonderful atmosphere. However, there was a minor incident. One woman passing by expressed her deep dissatisfaction with the protest. Her conversation with a participant of the line was recorded and you can watch everything in the video below.

The event, just like in Limerick, ended with singing together. It was such an explosion of positive energy.
I am glad that I was a participant in this beautiful event. Thank you and see you at the next events.

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