Boycott Clancy’s Restaurant – Cork, August 26, 2021

For several months now, I have been participating in peaceful demonstrations, making live reports, photos and videos. Most of my broadcasts come from Galway, but sometimes I go to other cities in Ireland to show viewers the truth about peaceful protests. So when I was in the Cork area, I decided to take part in Boykott Clancy’s Restaurant.

Boykott took place on August 26, 2021, in front of the restaurant, in a very tight passage between the tables. A group of protesters, holding slogan posters, walked in front of the restaurant while Peter O’Donoghue spoke through a megaphone. Information leaflets were also distributed. One of the opponents of the boycott joined the protesters at one point, proclaiming that the “vaccine” is good. In my opinion, this man made an idiot of himself. You can see everything in the movie.

Boykott was peaceful and there were no dangerous incidents. The few masked Garda officers on site didn’t have much work to do. The protesters did a great job and I am very happy to meet and support them. Unfortunately, I must add that the customers of nearby restaurants still do not see the problem. They do not mind the division of people and sanitary segregation. We have a long fight ahead of us, but we will not give up.

Thank you Cork. Good job!

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